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Winter Clothing Exchange 2021

11/17/2021 9:29 pm


The Winter Clothing Exchange for the 2021-22 has ended. Thank you to everyone who donated items (nearly 75 in total) and our volunteers who organized the event! 


We gave away more than 2/3rd of the items collected to families in the community and to teachers so they can have "extras" available in their classrooms. The remaining items were donated to the New England Epilepsy Foundation. 


Based on requests from several families, we are also planning a spring/summer clothing exchange! 

To find out the details when they become available:

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Winter is coming...let's clean out our closets, save money and mother earth, and care for our community in one fell swoop. It's time for a Winter Clothing Exchange! Read on for details.



But's a recap of the first Exchange on Dec 18, contributed by our very own Victoria Junor: 


Hello Morse friends and families! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Winter Clothing exchange for their kindness, generosity, and support for the children of our community. We would also like to thank Principal Chad Leith, Family Liaison Kasey Clermont,  the school custodian Jose, and our volunteers: Justin Cravens, Angela Rougas, and Vivek Sikri for the time they took out of their weekend to make the day a success.
We received a total of 114 items donated to our cause prior to the Exchange day. Such immense support generated interest beyond our school's community and blossomed  into the greater Cambridge community. The event was held in our school's cafeteria which was the perfect shelter from the weekend's snowy weather. We had around 10 groups come to take/donate clothes. Some even just came by because they had never seen the inside of the school and were able to have a small tour given by their child. It was so wonderful to meet members of our community and socialize while enjoying refreshments.
But the greatest pleasure of all was providing families with the warm clothes their child/children needed. Over half of the items were taken by the end of the day. We had fashion shows and some of the kids even left in their new gear because they were so excited.  It was so appreciated by one participant, they suggested we should do another in spring for warmer wear! So please, continue to make donations and spread the word! Everyone made a huge difference in someone's life and we wish you could have been there to see the joy. 
Please continue to donate more items between now and Jan 7. The next Exchange will be on Jan 8. Additional details below for how to donate and/or volunteer. 
-Victoria & Nuria, and the rest of Team FMS




  • Ongoing collection! (previously, collection ended on Jan 7 - this date has been extended)
  • Weekdays, during school hours 


  • Morse School front entrance, beneath the awning
  • Please sort items into the designated bins

Type of items:

  • Snow pants, jackets, sweaters/sweatshirts, jackets, boots, and gloves/scarves
  • Kids sizes only please. 



  • Friday, February 11
  • 8-10 am

Where: Morse School, picnic tables by the JK/K wing (look for the balloons!)


Additional details:

  • Lost and found items from the school will be out for browsing and retrieving in addition to the winter clothing
  • Coffee and snacks will be available!
  • If your student could use some items, but you can't attend in person, email, or the school front desk to place a request. 


  All Morse School community members are invited to participate!

Donations are NOT required in order to take items that your family needs.   


For anything else, contact us, or talk with Elaine at the front desk, and we will provide support.


Download the flyer