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It's an...UN-Fundraiser!

3/7/2023 3:29 pm

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our UN-Fundraiser. We achieved our $3,000 goal and are officially still on track with our 2022-23 school year budget. Woo hoo! 

If you didn't get a chance to participate, no worries, the link to donate is still active. Or skip it, and buy a bunch of raffle tickets or make a nice winning bid on a silent auction item at the Spring Fair in May.


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What's an UN-Fundraiser? Well, that's a good question. 

Typical PTA fundraisers ask families to sell goods like wrapping paper or popcorn. Or maybe they ask families to bake items to sell at a bake sale. Or maybe attend an event with a silent auction.

Ok, we do those things too. And they are usually fun and effective!

But we thought it might be nice to cut out the middle part and just ask for your support directly. Nothing to sell. Nothing to bake or collect. No event to attend. 

 Donate Now 



So far, the FMS budget for the 2022-23 school year is on track. To keep it that way, we have 2 big fundraisers planned for the rest of the year - this UN-Fundraiser and the Spring Fair and Raffle in May.

😬 Without successful fundraising efforts, we may not be able to hold all the events and activities we have planned. Most of our expenses occur in the Spring months, supporting things like classroom field trips and teacher appreciation week. 


$15 - Music book wish list purchase for Ms. Graeber
$30 - Fruit of the Week for 1 day
$50 - Drinks & snacks for 1 event
$75 - Supplies for inner courtyard cleanup
$100 - Classroom Parent budget for 1 classroom
$150 - Cambridge Math Circle at lunchtime (1 Tues)
$250 - Classroom allowance for 1 classroom (e.g. field trips, supplies)
$300 - 5th grade yearbooks
$400 - Art show at Gallery 263
$500 - Bouncy house rental for 1 event
$1,000 - Staff Appreciation Week

every small donation makes a big difference

 Donate Today 





  All Morse School community members are invited to participate! 


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